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Well, ladies and gentleman.... it had to happen sometime. Comment if you want to be friended! :-D No guarantees if I don't know you, but don't be shy!
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I was just talking to Caraleigh, and we were discussing how we've both seen so many articles coming out today asking "What's wrong with Chicago? Don't they realized that in the past 35 years, 4 governors have been convicted of fraud? (including Blagojevich)."

My answer: Hell yeah, bitches, we realized. What you don't understand is that we don't think anything's wrong with it- at least, not how you're thinking. I can't speak for the rest of Illinois- but Blagojevich is a Chicago politician, so. Chicagoans are cynical about politics. We expect our politicians to be corrupt. We don't care if they are- actually, we think it's funny. The only question is: how *well* are you doing at being corrupt, and can you manage to get stuff done? Chicagoans respect balls. What a lot of people in the rest of the country don't get is, for example, that Chicagoans don't think badly of Daley- we really like him. If he runs for re-election, I'm gonna vote for him. Yes, he's corrupt. He's part of the old Illinois Ward System that's based on loyalty and what you can get for your friends. But he gets the snow removed, and what he's done for the city in the past 20 years is outstanding. Daley has balls. Miggs Field is a great example of that. Man- Governor Ryan, before Blagojevich? Was investigated for his Pay-to-Play scandle before he even ran for Governor, but he still won. Because Chicagoans respect balls.

Blagojevich also has balls. And so does, for example, Todd Stroger. Todd Stroger's all, "heeeey my dad got re-elected even though he had a debilitating stroke 3 days before the election (which could only happen in Chicago), and then died like 2 weeks after, so now I'm gonna use my connections to get myself appointed to his seat and then raise the taxes to the highest rate in the entire country. I got balls!" And Blagojevich, holy shit does he have balls. Just look at the list of people he was trying to shake down: The President-elect, the Chicago Cubs, the Chicago Tribune, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, *Children's Memorial Hospital*, the fucking RED CROSS. Ok, he was doing all this while *under investigation* and still talking about running for President in 2016. DUDE HAS BALLS. Delusional, but ballsy.

What the difference is between Blagojevich and Daley is that Daley is competant and Blagojevich is not. That is why Chicagoans hate him. We couldn't care less about the corruption.  It's funny to us- because he thinks he's this huge big shot and he's delusional, it's hilarious. But honestly, if he tried to shake down all those people and was smart enough to get away with it? We'd re-elect him. In Chicago it's sink or swim- we'll respect you if you can pull it off, if you can't we'll laugh at you as you're going down. All you need to do to see how much fun we're having with this is read the Chicago Tribune headlines- they had one this afternoon that said "Patti Blagojevich- The New Lady MacBeth?' Hahahaa, oh man. Deal with it bitches!

Stephen Colbert lived here for like 6 years, guys. Where do you think he got his balls from?

P.S. A word about Barack Obama. This will seem a bit contradictory, but Barack Obama is not corrupt, which is, in fact, why Chicagoans like him- we have different standards for our national politicians than our local ones, and anyway- it take a *shitload* of balls to grow up in the Chicago political system and not be corrupt- look at Rahm Emanuel. It hardens you too, and if you can hack it you get our respect. Some people are all "but Rezko" but seriously, the Chicago political system is even more incestuous than the Chicago music scene and if the only corrupt person they've got him talking to is Tony Rezko, then in my humble opinion Barack Obama is squeeky  clean.
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I'm really spamming today, guys. Sorry!

This is a FASCINATING read. Newsweek sent reports on the campaign trail with all the candidates, and they had absolutely unfettered access- on the condition that they not publish until after the election.

Start with the "highlights" and then go to each chapter from their- it's only up to chapter 3 of 7, but already it's beyond interesting. The revelations about Sarah Palin in the highlights section... I'm beginning to feel a bit bad for McCain!

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I think it's about time to see this again.

And to say goodbye to Sarah Palin as a national politician. Hopefully forever. From FOX NEWS, if you can believe it:

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So, uh.... this little thing happened tonight.

America elected Barack Obama.

I was at Grant Park. )
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I'm not gonna stick up a lot, because it takes forever. But!
Pictures! )

All right, kiddos, that's all I've got for now.
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OMG you guys, yesterday was just about the best day of my life. I got to Sarah's on Friday night and we hung out and watched "Bad Education", an Almodovar film which is amazing and I MUST buy. We also headed off to the O'Hare Oasis to get Sarah's ticket, and it turned out that Miles couldn't make it to the concert so I used his pit ticket and sold my lawn one. OH MY GOD, I was so lucky. When we woke up Saturday we went to Panera and got some food, and then got ready for the concert and went. I wore bright colors because I wasn't feeling the black, so I felt a bit out of place, but I got a kick out of seeing all the angsty 16 year olds in their eye liner and black shirts etc. Oh to be young again. :-p

Anyway, we got there super early, when only the revolution stage bands were playing. Sarah and I didn't really want to see any of them, but we were in luck because Kaitlyn and her friend and boyfriend found us and we hung out for a while before going to see Mindless Self Indulgence. They were pretty good but I could barely see them due to the mosh- I did get a few glimpses of Lyn-Z. Then we headed over to the main stage and I sat with Kaitlyn on the lawn through Julien-K, who were ok. Then Claire came and we all sat together through Placebo, who were also pretty good. After that I decided to head into the pit. I was there for HIM, Taking Back Sunday and OMG MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE WHOM I LOVE.

The pit was no problem at all. I was worried I was going to get crushed, but no one was that crazy for HIM and by the time Taking Back Sunday started I had no only wormed myself all the way up to 3 PEOPLE BACK FROM THE BARRIER HOLY SHIT, I was way on the left side so I only had people to the right of me. Being on the left was also amazing because that's where Frank from MCR plays. More on him later. Taking Back Sunday and HIM were really good, but it was MCR that I was really excited about and holy SHIT did they deliver. I'm sort of wondering if maybe I took too much time taking picture and not enough time just drinking everything in.... so I'm just going to have to go to another of their concerts, hee hee hee.

I've been to concerts before, and even for bands I like I'm hyper aware of the time and how long it's been. MCR played for an hour and it felt like maybe 10 minutes. My voice is all raw from screaming today. I had SUCH A GOOD TIME. Unfortunately, there were not really any gay antics, but alas and alack, whatever. Oooh ooh! Ville Valo from HIM? Was wearing a Kill Hannah shirt that *I OWN*. WEIRD.

A lot of my pictures didn't come out due to the lighting, here are the best (videos to come later):

So yes, that's MCR. It was AMAZING. AMAZING. Frank didn't run around as much as he usually does, but I think he's been sick lately- he needed an oxygen mask for a show a couple days ago, and he gets sick all the time anyway. Plus that meant he stayed near me. :-D Eeeek, I am so happy right now. I hate to say it, but I am SO lucky that Miles couldn't come and I got pit tickets!!

I slept over Saturday at Sarah's again, and we watched Red Eye which was bad but has Cillian Murphey in it, and now home is where I am!

Videos to come! EDITED: Here they are! http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=tygrestick